This is us…And this is also us!

This is us…And this is also us!

So today we are going discuss a little bit about social media.  The point today is never believe everything you see on social media!  Every single person, including us, always want to look their best.  So when you leave the house in the mornings, most people check themselves out in the mirror.  You always check yourself as you want to look your absolute best.

When we do a topless video, we always do about 100 press ups each before we go live!  As we want to get a bit of a pump on, getting everything looking a bit trimmer, and look our best for the footage.

Ultimately it does come down to vanity in a way, but that is not necessarily a bad thing!  Its only a bad thing when you believe this is reality, because its not!  We want to look our best, of course we do!  Everybody thrives on compliments and even just feeling good about yourself, but this is not reality.  You cannot look at these people, even us!

Both Rab and I have areas that we feel good about, so we then exaggerate those areas.  However, when reality sinks in, we specifically are just average guys!  We are not  perfect and we don’t pretend to be perfect!  One thing that is true is that we don’t mess around with distorting images or anything like that.  What we do is, we get a pump on and find good lighting.

I have a very big issue, given that I am father of 2 daughters, they are growing up in the world with the likes of The Kardashians!  For me that is my biggest nightmare, because Kim Kardashian hires her own paparazzi to follow her around, to take photos, then edit them and give them to her and act like it was the press that caught them.  If you were ever to see the unedited shots, which she would never allow to be published, its frightening!!

She is pretending she is perfect!  And what you see is her body!  Ny worry is that my girls grow up saying I want to look like her and its impossible!!

A lot of people may have seen a photoshoot that was carried out.  The model that was used was an average person, however, through photoshop you can make someone look completely different!  Through airbrushing, streamlining, getting rid of all the cellulite and this incompletely unrealistic!

So we did a little bit of filming before, completely natural, both before and after a small workout.

Another thing with editing, as well as photoshop, You may have noticed I have stretch marks right across my chest!  They have faded slightly now, but its from me growing too fats too quickly!  From the age of about 16 – 24, these were like blue scars!  People would ask if I had dislocated my shoulder as it looked like scratch marks across my shoulder!  It has taken a while to fade but I wear them quite proud, I wear them as this is me and this my skin, this is what happened for me to get them!

None of us are perfect!!