Tune In To Your New Reality

Mindset Monday…

We have hundreds of thousands bits of information coming into our brain every minute of the day. Its the job if the subconscious to filter that information into what we need and what we donned based on current vibration. Tune in to a new reality. The one you love.

Today we are going to talk about the way the mind works. What we do for a living, we are constantly analysing and what information you are taking in, how you are living your life and your thought processes around that. There is always information going on. They say that it is somewhere in the region of 80,000 different nuggets of information flying at you at any given moment. Your brain then has to dismiss the majority of it or you would go crazy. Its simple things like all these little sounds that you’re not picking up on. We’re walking past these trees, your brain is picking up the exact location of those tree, the angle, whether its a danger to you, the smells, the sounds, the light. All of those things are like individual vectors flying and your brain has to dismiss all the things it doesn’t deem important and let you know about the things that are important. Right now I had stood in some mud, a bit slippy under foot, my brain then made me aware of this because I might slip!

So really simply the subconscious mind vs the conscious mind. It is the subconscious that does all of that processing. It does so many different things and it has this working software that can filter through depending on your conscious mind. Depending on your goals in life and ultimately how you’re tuning your brain in will dictate how your subconscious will filter through this information. Everything is there for you.


A really good example of this…when the Scottish Independence Referendum was on we had people speaking to us about the ‘No’ vote. They had all this information and explaining they had read all sorts of stuff, Also the same for the ‘Yes’ voters. It is only because they were tuned into ether the yes or the no arguments. They then put blinkers onto everything else. Similarly in the US, with all the debates. No one ever went to a debate and changed their mind. Simply because they had their blinkers up about anything other than what they believed in. This is all due to your subconscious and what you already hold true to yourself and goals in life.

So, if you’re wanting to tune onto your weight loss goal, its all about filtering out all the things that don’t really matter. Or are a hinderance to that goal and focussing on and thinking about the things that are important towards your goal. Your food choices, your exercise, your daily regime. Thinking about those things and getting them in order. All these other silly little bits and pieces of information, like what shoes am I going to wear to work tomorrow, is not really that important for your weight loss goal. You need to tune in to the right bits of information.

When it comes to your daily choices, you might be watching this right now and thinking ‘this is not right because I really do want to lose weight yet i’m still looking at the bad food choices and still not going to the gym’. It tajes a little bit of time to really train your subconscious to making these right decisions. Try to work off positive reinforcement, always positive thoughts. Rather than saying ‘I don’t what to eat the pizza’, you’re subconscious hears ‘pizza’!! You also say ‘I don’t want to be lazy’ your subconscious then hears ‘lazy’!! So start tuning into the positive aspects of what you are trying to achieve in life! Your end goal!