Trust Yourself To Get The Job Done

Trust Yourself To Get The Job Done

The human race can often be victims of our own success.  We think too much and unfortunately it can often be negative thoughts.  Trust yourself, no more doubts, stop the negative self-talk and get it done!  Rab has been away fro 2 weeks and I’ve been on my own, so I took it upon myself to organise a wee surprise for his return!  I started the process of clearing out the garage to make a man cave for some filming!

Once I had done that, Rab came over for a reunion and we did our first live feed in the cave!  It was emotional!

So the lesson we are going to bring you today is about trusting in yourself.  There are times where you will question, lets just say you are out running, you haven’t ran for while and your getting uncomfortable and can’t breath.  You will be saying to yourself ‘I can’t do this’ ‘I’m really struggling’.  Trust in yourself! You can do this, your body will do it!  Have the second reserve of energy.  What your mind thins and what your body does can be two very different things.

Often, human beings can be victims of our own success.  We think too much.  Whether you are a believer in nature or evolution, religion and believe in god, surely trust in your beliefs that we can do amazing things.  Human race has evolved over thousands of years, its the development of your mind and your thought processes that often hold us back.  Whether it be a marathon or even just changing your diet, we always find an excuse or ‘reason’ why we can’t do these things.  Trust in your ability to do something when you set your mind to it.

Our Advice…

Its about digging deep and trusting that its there.  Once upon a time, I had parked a fair distance away, I had a lot of shopping to carry.  My arms were burning from carrying everything and didn’t think I would make it back to the car!  However I trusted myself that I would get this done!

When we talking about the physical aspect of things, you may have seen videos online of people with absolute muscle failure.  Even though it takes a lot to get that stage and even at that stage, a lot of it is your mind telling you are tired and weak.  As soon as you say ‘I’m not sure if I can do this’ the words think or not sure also means that you can.  As they are not definitive words, there is the chance you actually can do it!  You don’t know until you try!

You just keep going!  If you were to listen to your muscles it would take you twice as long to do things if you don’t try! We always try and relate things back to weight loss.  Lets say you embarked upon a 12 week programme, you might be 2 weeks in and think you can’t do this.  You need to dog deep and trust in yourself.  Have faith in yourself that can!