There is NO Tomorrow!

There Is NO Tomorrow…

There is NO tomorrow.  All we have is now.  Yesterday and tomorrow do not exist other than in our thoughts.  what ever you want to achieve, what ever you want in life, at now!

In the movie Rocky 3, which is all abut facing your fears!  In the movie he is struggling, he’s changed training partners and there is the sprints on the beach scene.  He’s really struggling and its not what his old trainer did!  He says to Apollo ‘we will come back tomorrow’.  His reply was ‘there is no tomorrow’!

This is a really good mindset to have!  Mainly because of how true it is!  There literally is no tomorrow, tomorrow does not exist!  Yesterday does not exist!  There is only today, only right now!  Now is the time to make your changes.  Now is the time to make your decisions!

Don’t put off to tomorrow that you could get done today, because threes no tomorrow!  Tomorrow never ever comes, no body ever wakes up and says ‘holy s***, its tomorrow’!!

So think about the things that you planning to do in your life, the changes that you are planning to make.  In our industry its like ‘oh, il start on Monday’ or ‘ill do it in January’!  Just start now!! Whatever you are thinking about, just do it now!!  Today!  Not tomorrow…because…there is no tomorrow!!