The Xmas Workout

Xmas Workout

First of all The Kilted Coaches would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Second of all, we all like to be a little over indulgent at this time of year but we all deserve it right?

We believe that prevention is better than cure.  Do a workout like this before a big meal and stop any excess fat appearing around the mid section over the festive period.  By doing this Xmas workout before a meal, all the calories and carbohydrates will go to your muscles rather than your fat because right after exercise your body becomes more insulin sensitive.

You only have to remember that your food will go to where the blood is going, therefore if you are not doing anything it will go straight to your fat cells.  However, if you have had a huge workout then it is going to go straight to your muscles.

This workout consists of the following:

* Jumping Jacks
* Squats
* Lunge Holds with arm circles
* Burpees
* Press Ups
* And of course… The Kilted Wiggle!

Carryout 30 reps of each exercise to reap the full benefits of this routine and feel no guilt after your Christmas Dinner!