The Ultimate Scottish Workout

We made this video for the Daily Record Newspaper to help promote our upcoming talk at the Sport, Fitness and Nutrition (SFN) Expo in Glasgow on September 21st and 22nd. You can watch the video here
If you want to come along to Glasgow and see us we’ve got a special discount code at the bottom of this email. 

BUT…. before we get to that you MUST check out this video we made. Watch it all the way to the end because we’re still laughing at it. If you enjoy the video we would really appreciate you sharing on your own facebook page. It’s a fun video but the message at the end is something that everyone should hear. Here is the link to the video again
If you live in the UK it’s well worth attending the SFN Expo as there is so much going on (it’s not just your favourite Kilted Coaches) and you can now get our special discount by using the code KILT at the top of the ticket page and it’ll unlock 20% off the price. 

You can get your tickets here. 

If you do plan on coming along please let us know and make sure you come and listen to our talk. 

Speak soon

Stephen and Rab