Stop Suffering – Just Breath

Stop Suffering – Just Breath…

Its too easy to get caught up in everyday life and before you know it you’ll be suffering for nothing.  When you find yourself upset, anxious or even depressed about anything, its worth remembering what your body really needs.  Oxygen, Hydration and Food.  Go back to basics and you’ll find yourself tackling your problems more efficiently.

We are going to chat to you today about breathing.  Stress, anxiety any sort of negative emotion that you are feeling on a day to day basis, its very helpful just to go right back to basics.  Then, ask yourself the question, what does my body actually need?  We can often get too caught up in our thought processes when saying ‘I really need this and I really need that’ and ‘if I don’t get this then my life will be over’. So by coming right back to basics and asking yourself what your body actually needs, we can then deal with these little issues very simply.

Take a Deep Breath…

Now breathing is a fundamental and sometimes when you are under stress, you literally forget to do very thing you need to do.  Sometimes its great just getting out for a walk with nothing else to worry about but just go out and breath.  Focussing on each breath.  When you are stressed, again the whole concept of breathing goes right out the window.  Your heart rate is raised and you tend to take short shallower breaths.  Therefore you will not be using your lungs to the best of their ability.  Its a natural response of the body, when we are stressed, we do short shallow breathing.  So by just calming down, taking big deep breaths, you are telling your body everything is ok.

So really by filling your lungs full of oxygen, you will instantly feel better.  Sometimes all its takes, no matter how you are feeling and what you are going through, filling your lungs full of oxygen can create a bit of momentum to take you that small step further toward your goal.

Now sometimes they talk about the rule of three.  So they that you can roughly a maximum of three minutes without oxygen.  Three days without water.  Three weeks without food.  So a good thing do is, if you are struggling and feel you can’t do something, start at the beginning!  Just Breath!  It sounds so simple!  And it really is that simple.  Then once you have got that, you can then move forward.

Next up would be…are you hydrated?

A lot of problems in life we just forget the absolute basics.  Just make sure you are hydrated.  You need to make sure you getting the adequate amount of eater and electrolytes into your system on a daily basis.  You can then guarantee that if you are breathing and hydrated, you will feel better than what you do at the moment.  When you have oxygen in the bag and you are hydrated, you then want to think about your nutrition.  Eat good quality food.  If you have these three basic components then you are well on your to achieve anything you want!