Stop Procrastinating – How To Get Stuff Done

Stop Procrastinating – How To Get Stuff Done

We’ve all been in that frame of mind when you know what you should be doing but you can’t be bothered doing it.  Procrastination is the killer of productivity but with just a simple mindset shift, we can learn how to be productive.  Learn to stop procrastinating and get stuff done.

While deciding what the best angle was to deliver this mindset, we realised that we had a topic to discuss and we ended up discussing everything but the topic.  We then decided to change the lesson completely to ‘How to get stuff done’.

Normally by this point we are walking along discussing the finer points of the lesson, and once again we just chatting nonsense! However…we will teach you how to get stuff done!

When you have stuff to get done, you always look for a way out!  Something that makes us good but bad at the same is, when ever either of us are having an off day, we both agree to just have a pint instead.  In normal circumstances, your boss would say no!  You would just have to get on with work an know that that is not an option.  However, with us, we know that that is an option.

Our Advice…

So we have all been there, with a list of things we want to do.  Looking at the list and thinking I really can’t be bothered! Getting a bit stressed and anxious with it and think I will never get all this done!  Its so easy to let emotions take over when you are in that sort of mood.  Our advice is to have a go to action that takes emotion out of it.  Or at least bypasses it slightly long enough so that you can then take action required to get stuff done.

So its important that you have a go to.  A way of dealing with the number of tasks you have.  Your go to response will be different for each situation that you may be struggling with.  For instance, if its work related, you end up procrastinating at work.  Have a go to response that is like your feel safe.  You don’t have to think about it, as soon as you are aware that you are procrastinating, you can think nope…this is my task!

We have a to do list, that updates everyday, sometimes I take on look at it and its massive and just think I cant do this!   If you have ever seen the movie men in black, with the scene of the giant alien.  They then unlock his ear and find a tiny alien controlling a giant body.  So sometimes I visualise myself as a tiny alien inside the head of a robotic body.

So although i’m screaming and shouting on the inside because I can’t be bothered, the robotic body is still going through the motions.  It automatically starts on the first task and before I know it I’ve ticked off 3/4 tasks. Suddenly the list then becomes shorter and think that it is then manageable.  Gaining a bit more motivation because i’m getting stuff done!