How To Stop People Talking Over You

How To Stop People Talking Over You…

How to stop people talking over you! This is a common problem with people and can be very frustrating. The people doing it don’t always mean it or aren’t even aware they do it. But this video gives you some top tips on how to stop it happening to you.

A Clan member had mentioned they had an issue with people talking over the top of them.  So there was some basic advice given, however we wanted to make a specific video to answer that very question.

Its not as simple as basic human phycology, which states we learn from experience than we do from words.  The clan member said they had spoken to the individual regarding talking over the top of her, which worked for a while.  Unfortunately the old habits kicked back in again, which then put her off as it felt like she was having the same conversation with the individual.

First up…
Our usual go to response is be nice, its nice to be nice.  So originally, the clan member spoke to the person and reasoned with the individual.  Letting them know that she wasn’t happy with them talking over the top of her.  However, that doesn’t always work!  You can still be nice, but in a more forceful manner.  So if somebody is talking over you and you have already explained to them what they are doing and how it makes you feel, try then talking over the top of them!  Only using a one word response, it could be something funny!  If you continue to do that with the strangest word or noise, the person will be thinking why the hell are you doing that!! You then respond with well, you keep talking over me!

I you like the person who continues to talk over the top pf you, have a phrase, noise or word you use every time they do it and have a bit of a laugh about it!  This will then raise their awareness of what they are doing.

If you don’t like the person then you could walk away from them because it makes a point!  The point being, people learn more from experience!  The person will then fell stupid standing on their own!  People learn more from experience than they do from words.

To conclude…

Talking over someone is rude, its annoying, its frustrating and it steals your power!  So you need to take it right back and prove to them you’re not going to stand for it!! So depending on your situation and the person who is talking over you, will determine how you respond.  The nice way or not so nice way!