Stop Listening To Monkeys Flipping Coins

Stop Listening to Monkeys Flipping Coins…

Stop listening to Monkeys Flipping Coins. We’ve all heard people trying to give advice to other people based on what worked for them. Unfortunately this is more often than not bad advice. This is based on a simple philosophy of Monkeys Flipping Coins. Given enough time and enough monkeys there will always be one Monkey that does well.

Today we will be talking about monkeys flipping coins.  Philosophy says that, if you take a group of monkeys, and each one is given a coin which they start to flip.  If there are 100 monkeys, sooner or later, one monkey will flip 50 heads in a row.  That doesn’t mean he is good at flipping coins.  However, that monkey will then soon write a book, start coaching courses, start programmes and start teaching other people.

That particular monkey will state encourage others to follow in his footsteps with his methods as they worked for him. This is what we do NOT want you to do!  We do not want you to follow a monkey flipping coins!

In Terms of Weight loss…

In terms of weight loss, you might know someone or there might be someone in your gym that lost weight in a particular way and worked for them.  It worked for their body the and their lifestyle.  They then share to you that their routine is the only way to lose weight because it worked for them.

Everybody has heard that before!  Do this because it worked for me!  However, you need to look at the cross section of people across the USA or the UK, and ask yourself, how may people are trying to lose weight?  All doing their own thing and following a certain routine and there will always be that one person who will lose a lot of weight and will turn into a monkey flipping a coin.

What we advice you to do…
So what do we advice you to do.  If you are going to take advice of someone, then make sure it is someone qualified!  Look into their research.  Look in to how they drew their conclusions and also, just listen to what they say!  A lot of the time, there should be an in-depth reason as to why a particular way works for a particular person.  You will then need to decide if that method will work for you?  If you think it will then look more in to it. If it isn’t, there are so many different ways to keep fit, lose weight and feel great.
Always remember there are also so many wrong ways to keep healthy and you need to pick the right one that works for you and your lifestyle.