Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Ruin Your Life!

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will ruin your life. Ok thats not quite the rhyme we learned as kids but it certainly hits home harder. we all know how hard words can hit and intros video we talk about the ways to cope with the left hook lingo.

What we are trying to showcase in this video is basically that sticks and stones may break my bones, they don’t always break your bones, but they can! However, bones heal! Names are the ones that can really cut deep, mostly because everybody has an element of self doubt! Even the most confident people have self doubt. When you have someone confirming something you already think about yourself, it definitely hits home harder! Suddenly you are then thinking ‘oh no, they have noticed it too’!

The main problem is also, if you break a bone its definitely going to hurt, its going to take about 6 weeks to heal, as long as you allow it to do so! Your body has this amazing ability to heal, give it 6 weeks and your bone will be as good as new, if not stronger. Your body will come back stronger because your body has had that physical stress and therefore it heals it but much stronger than before.

The problem with names, and this is names that you call yourself or names that other people call you, it hurts but you are unaware of the damage that it is doing to you long term! Therefore you don’t go through a recovery process, intact you actually make it worse most if the time. You take these names, whether negative or positive, a lot of people own that name.

When you’re younger you might be called lazy, grumpy, moody or shy. As soon as you own the name you then think that must be me, this is who I am and my identity. You don’t know the damage its doing and therefore you don’t go through the recovery process.

So be aware of the names people are using for you or the names you are using for yourself. ‘I am’ or ‘you are’ often, again it can be positive or negative, we give ourselves these identities. Whatever comes after ‘I am’ often becomes your reality so just be mindful of this words. You can own the positives but the negatives try really internally to over come it! Own it and try to turn the negative into a positive.