How to stay calm in a crisis by taking advantage of your inner psychopath

How to Stay Calm in A Crisis…

…by taking advantage of your inner psychopath.

No its not what you think, we are not promoting an army of murderous killers!

Some people are naturally better at this than others and in a lot of cases this is easier said than done.  This is something that can be trained and training your mind to deal with stressful situations and the more you experience these situations the more likely you are to keep calm in that crisis.

One thing you need to understand is that there are 2 sections of the brain, 1 being the rational or logical side of the brain and the other being the emotional side.  The difficult part is that in a crisis it tends to be all emotions triggering off at once making it very hard for the rational side of the brain to take control.

The science behind this first of all, you get natural psychopaths but not in the terms of what we generally think. Its the psychopathic tendencies that people have which will keep them calm in a stressful situation.

Psychopathic tendencies allow an individual to keep cool, calm and collected when the situation gets stressful.  Stock brokers, surgeons and all manner of successful people will have some sort of these tendencies that allow them to keep their cool when the situation would otherwise make them panic.

Tapping into these tendencies is the key to keeping calm in all manner of harsh and stressful situations.

This episode explores the benefits of ‘crossing the mid line’ to activate the logical side of the brain when the emotional side is taking over.