Stand tall, Be Proud – Strengthen Your Armour

Stand Tall and Be Proud…

Stand tall, be proud!  We are all guilty sometimes of hiding behind false armour.  whether it be baggy clothes, make-up or even a false persona.  Drop the false amour and start to strengthen the real – the skin you were born with.  Stand stall and be proud of who you are.


So in everyday life we wear fake armour!  We put hoodies on, hats on, sunglasses, we grow our hair to cover our faces!  Some people cut their hair because it makes them feel better as they aren’t proud enough to wear there hair long.  Plaster their faces full of make up or plump up their lips or always wearing baggy clothes.

The problem of wearing this fake armours, is if for whatever reason they can’t wear them, they don’t want to go anywhere.  They don’t want to go into the swimming pool because they can’t cover up.  They don’t want to go out anywhere because they don have their face on and you no longer yourself.


Our advice to you…

So we are here to tell you be yourself and be proud of yourself!  You were born worth he best armour that you need…your skin!  Now we are not saying, go out and get naked.  What we are saying is you need to look after your own armour.  Make it strong.  Make it healthy.  So whatever you are uncomfortable with, what ever it is you are hiding from, then take action to make a small change.

The first action and the first change is loving the skin you are in.  If you wear a lot of make and feel you can t go out with it on, then go out without it on.  You don’t need it.  Even if its just a little bit less to start with.  If you wear baggy clothes, then wear something a little bit tighter.  If you want to be proud of yourself, then be proud!  It all starts in your mind but the more you get used to it in your mind, then the more you will feel physically comfortable.

If you’re not happy with your body in a swimming pool and don’t like wearing swimwear, then get yourself in the pool!


In conclusion…

Lets start making some changes, if you are uncomfortable with your body then make it slightly better.  Bolster your armour.  If you have anything skin related then get a good skin care regime going.  Always remember that good health and fitness and a nice body starts with good hydration and good nutrition.  So start taking a look at the food you are eating, your daily habits and sleep routines and make changes for the positive.

Don’t worry about other peoples armour!  Their armour will not help you!  worry about your own, thats all that matters to you.  Stop looking for false armour in clothes, hair and accessories.  Strengthen the armour that you were born with!

Stand tall and love the skin you are in.