How To Stand On A Gym Ball

How To Stand On A Gym Ball…

How to stand on a gym ball. This video will teach you how to safely stand up on a gym ball. For this video you will need a stability ball and a safe environment to practice in as there is a possibility you may fall and injure yourself so please keep safety a priority.

So we are going take you through this step by step, with the very basics.  First of all and most importantly is safety!  Makes sure that there is nothing around you that you can fall and bang your head on.  Make sure you have soft landing.  On a beach is ideal!  However, if you are going to do this at home then maybe try next to a sofa and have some cushions around you.  Also get some duvets around you as there maybe a few times where you just fall off.

Step 2… take this step by step! We are going to give you the steps to take.  Please do not just go straight in and try and stand on a gym ball!  It is not going to happen straight away and you will fall off and may hurt yourself!  So please take this step by step, make sure the muscles are fired up and be sure that your core is active so that you can maintain your balance.

Step 3…Be consistent with your practice!  Try this every single day until you get it.  And of course, make sure you are having fun!!

Attempting to stand on the gym ball…

We are going to work on 4 points of contact.  Nice and simple, 2 hands and 2 knees.  Tuck the knees against the ball, don’t jump onto the ball.  Leaning forwards slightly until the toes come up. Rocking backwards and forwards to get the feeling of having your toes off the floor.

Once you are safe on the ball and are comfortable with that feeling, try and hold it a little bit longer before putting your toes back on the ground.  You will the pressure coming up through into he shoulders.  You also have to brace the core.

Next step, you are going to come forward and try stay off the ground for as long as possible.  When you start to tumble, come straight off the back for safety.

Again, once you feel more comfortable in that position for longer, we are then going to try and get the feet to touch the back of the ball by leaning further forward.  Once the feet are touching the ball, we then have 6 points of contact on the ball.

After this and you are feeling even more conformable, we are going to trying reduce to only 4 point of contact.  To do that, we are going to walk the hands up the ball towards your knees, eventually when you feel confident, you can then sit up straight, with your hands out to the side for balance.  Giving you your 4 points of contact.

Once you are used to balancing on your knees, with your feet tucked in at the back, we want to come back down on to the hands.  Holding it there just for a few seconds, keeping you secure.  We are then going to practice taking one leg off the back.  So roll over to one side, you are going to make a triangle between your hands and your knees.  Then begin to take one leg off.  Then try the other side. Doing this a few times really engages your core and powers up the legs!

So the next phase, we going to have transfer our bodyweight to the middle, I like to lift my right leg first.  So im going to transfer all my weight on to my left leg and putting my hands back on the ball for stability.  By transferring my weight onto my left leg allows me to get my right leg to come up onto the ball.  Then doing the same with the left leg.  When you are ready, engage the car and keep your legs strong and stand all the way up!