Solving The Weight Loss Puzzle

Video Transcript. Losing weight is very much like solving the Rubiks Cube. Too many people it would be something cool to do but see it as a damn near impossible task. However, with a little knowledge, engaging your logical brain (rather than emotional) and a little specialist advice then losing weight is just a matter of applying a few simple algorithms.

We can argue the point that everyone, within their youth, had or has a friend that owns/owned a rubix cube. You’re certainly aware of them regardless. Generally, as soon as you pick it up, you will say that it is quite complicated, id love to be able to do this!! And THAT is how we see weight loss.

Roughly 10 years ago, I was going on holiday with a soon to be ex girlfriend. So it hen challenged myself to learn how to do the rub cube…which I did whilst away. Returned from the holiday and showed coach Stephen how to do it! He was fascinated! When you see someone completing something that seems impossible, it gives you the desire to also complete it!!

One if the first things that Rab taught me was that a rubix cube does not have 6 sides! It has 3 layers. That very simple truth that there are 3 layers, rather than 6 sides is your first major step in completing it! This is how we compare it to weight loss.

When you attack the rubix cube in a layer by layer basis, you the suddenly have bit more of a strategy. Your first goal is to get the top layer. Once you have got that, you then address the middle layer while still keeping the top layer in place. Finally flipping the cube round and attacking the bottom layer. You then have a very specific strategy. If you have zero strategy, you will probably get zero results. The same as when you were growing up, trying to complete the cube without a strategy, you would fail.

So generally speaking, the truths are, there are 3 layers and the middle pieces on each side, never move! They’re a few basic truths and this is the same for weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, way too many people, when asked how is your hydration?, respond with I drunk when I am thirsty. We have our own algorithm getting your hydration spot on but even before you get tot that, generally most people will say they should be drinking 2 litres of water per day…yet they don’t do it.

It is understanding the basic principles of hydration, you know you need to be hydrated, you know you need to get some really good nutrients in, you know you need to get some form of physical activity. These are the home truths that when you understand them you realise that you can then complete the first layer, without knowing anything else.

So when it comes to the rubix cube, we just mentioned the term algorithm, because there are whole bunch of algorithm that are fundamental in completing a rubix cube. You will be extremely lucky to jump in and complete the cube with no strategy! The exact same applies to weight loss. There some fundamentals that you have apply and if you don’t, you will not get any results!

One of the fundamentals is hydration! So if you’re not going to keep hydrated how do you expect to solve your own life weight loss cube!? Do what you know first before your start delving into all the different algorithms. Too many people look for all the fancy stuff! When people join our programme, we do go int the fancy stuff but not before you get to know the basics! Complete the basics first!

The second layer, again it is very simple. A series of movements and all of a sudden, you’re 2 thirds done! People have different methods. Some slower than others but you still get there in the end. If you do want to get there quicker, you can use the different algorithm in order to get you there faster. Again when you are applying this to your weight loss, you will look at the time in the week you have to exercise. If you only have 3 nights Oper week to exercise but if you want to get there quicker, you will find a way to extend that! Its about knowing how you can adjust your strategy to get there.

We are not speed cubers, we don’t care how fast you lose weight. All we care about is progress. Any one who has done our programme will know that one of our principles is to just make progress. We both have had clients that only 1 pound per week, get frustrated because its too slow and then they give up! It doesn’t matter how fast you get there, if you want to complete the cube/weight loss, do what works for you!

The way that I approach the cube, this more applies to weight loss, every time I pick up the cube I will start from fresh. As that is the way I learnt how to do it. My method of the cube, which also applies more to weight loss, if I want to lose weight, I will go back to the beginning and work my way through the fundamentals. We would encourage you to do the same. Start at the beginning.

When it comes to the third layer, which is the most complicated one, you need to look at your overall position and learn a few different things. When it comes to weightless it is a very logical thing. If you put negative emotion in to your weight loss you will damage your long term progress. Just relax with it and be very logical about it.

The bottom lines is, people get freaked out about weight loss because they thinks it’s impossible. Once you learn the possible algorithms that apply to you, you are winning!

Do not stress about your weight loss, there are algorithms and strategies that we give you! If you follow them you will get there in the end! Whether you take a quicker route or not, you will still get there in the end!