Simple Speed Ladder Workout

Simple Speed Ladder Workout

Speed ladder exercise is great for stimulating your muscles, increasing your metabolism and in turn burning more fat.  Here are some simple speed ladder drills to add into your routine.

Today we are bringing you see speed ladder variations. The idea if speed ladders is to activate your fast twitch muscle fibres.  If you are into training, that makes some sense too you.  This will work your muscles in a completely new way.  Most people do cardio in a slow steady pace.  Even resistance training is usually done a controlled steady pace.  What we are looking for is explosive energy.  Its a good way of doing cardio in a small space of time.

You can purchase a speed ladder for a relatively low cost or you can create your own.

This routine will give you good variation with some exercises lower impact than others.  Some of them are a little bit more complicated but we will build them up for you.

The Exercises…

One foot in each box.  You need to do this as quickly as you can.  Next is 2 feet in each box, starting off slower and then picking up the speed.  Keeping things as quick as you possibly can.

Third drill is 4 feet – 2 out and then in – all in each box.

Next drill is hop scotch!  2 feet in each box.

Another drill is done from the side of the ladder.  Both feet in and then Bothe feet out.