Shut the f*^$ up to lose weight!

Shut up to lose weight! This weight loss Wednesday video explores the benefits of silence on our stress hormones and in turn maximise our weight loss potential.

In this busy world, there is noise, hustle and bustle going on all the time! You just cannot get away from it! So to seriously lose weight, you need to learn to shut up!

So we are going to tell you all about shutting up to lose weight! its all about quietening the noise around you so to helps you focus and pay closer attention to your thoughts and feelings. We are surrounded by noise all of the time. Apart from the obvious noise like traffic, phones going off, the hustle and bustle of people talking, the background hissing of tv’s on standby. There is a lot of noise the you are maybe not aware of that you hear but your subconscious hears it.

So we are hear to tell you to spend some time, every single day, just quietening the noise and just shitting yourself off from as many sense as possible. This will help the brain to make mire sense of what is going on, again allowing you to see how you are feeling and the thoughts that you are thinking.

You are probably going to ask yourself ‘how dies this affect my weight loss’? Quite simply! Stress hinders weight loss. All this nose and stimuli that you may or may not be aware of, are stressing your boy because it is focussing on them. What that is doing is raising cortisol levels. Studies have been done recently and they say that a minimum of 20 minutes of our silence, in darkness, per day can severely reduce your stress levels.

Don’t get us wrong, stress can be a very good thing, if you are experiencing the right type of stress. Acute stress is very good. Acute stress in the gym, acute stress if you are trying to study for something. As soon as you re recovering from that stress you then come back stronger, if you are allowed to recover. The problem with modern life is this ongoing, low level stress, that you are not even aware off, that is slowly but surely bringing your cortisol levels up and maintaining them at a higher base level. This is the killer. This is what is gong to stop you from losing weight and keep you in this heightened state fo stress.

What we want is a peak in stress levels, during a tough workout for example, or studying, and then allowing yourself to recover from it, that then makes us stronger. What we are recommending is a source of recovery.

Its easy us in Scotland to get out in to nature in the calming fresh air. We understand if you live in a city t is not as easy to do that, however make use of earplugs, get yourself into a quiet room, shutting off all the devices. Sit down and close your eyes and just relax. 20 minutes minimum every single day. Try and build that up, they say if you can get up to 2 hours, which isn’t always possible, you will see a dramatic effect on your health, well being and your weight loss.

So generally speaking, we are encouraging you to come away from technology, switch off all devices, however, in the busy cities where you have noise all around you, this is where modern technology can have an advantage. You can get noise cancelling headphones and will take you away from city life.