Show Humility and Be Happy

Is it just us or do people take themselves too seriously these days? We’re only human! We can promise that when you learn to laugh at yourself you’ll be a lot happier!

So because Mr Shields has caught me out a few times doing random stuff, mainly crotch shots, I thought I would play a wee trick and ask him if he would bring a wooden spoon along to todays filming. For n reason what so ever I might add! He replied I don’t have spoon but I have a ladle! Its not often that Mr Shields is rather annoyed, so I get into the car and ask if this will do? I also asked if I needed the masking tape also! Rab thought we were joking and asked if we were going to tie up Holly!

I thought it was more believable if I asked for a second thing! Rab thought I was planning on green screening something!

Todays going to be fun…

So we’ve been making on arse of ourselves and we have done that plenty of times!! In the early days, we used to record, re-record and re-record to again and again because we wanted to to be perfect! We felt we couldn’t put things out to the world because we fumbled a word or we said errrr too. much!

We have all made an arse of ourselves at some point and we have done something when you wake up the next day and you are cringing! When ever anyone brings it back up, for what ever reason you just can’t listen to it!

The message we a trying to give today is don’t dwell on it! Just laugh at it! Me with cars, I don’t really give a monkeys about cars. Now, the very first time I got a car with alloy wheels, I picked it up and it had lovely leather interior and everything was spotless. Im driving the car all the way up from Sunderland, I stop at a petrol station and when I get back into the car, I noticed what looked like a metal paper weight just sitting there. Im looking at it and thinking it looked out of place in this lovely clean car! I had no idea what is was so I threw it away! Shouldn’t of done that!! Anyway, 2 months later I had to get new tyres sorted, put the car on the garage and I get a phone call asking where the locking wheel nut key? Im then asking what that is! Remembering I’ve never had alloy wheels before! The mechanic says its a special lock to prevent anyone stealing it and says it looks like a little metal paperweight! So I then tell him yeeaaaah…ive lost it!! It was an expensive mistake to say the least and very

So we were chatting before this video and I was thinking my memory is not the best fir remembering specific situations. However as soon as you start saying you start cringing I remembered this story. So I used to have a flat and the neighbour downstairs was blaring his music all the time. Its was always on a Wednesday night that it was the worst, so I was banging on his door and he would eventually come and answer the door. There was one day I was really banging on the door and he didn’t answer at all! I was actually banging on the door so hard, the door actually opened!

I then asked him to turn the music down. We then had this bit of a gripe going on and if I was then walking too loudly he would then complain! There was this one particular day I was with this girl and she said do you want to do a face mask!? So I said yeah sure! So I had this full face mask on and all of a sudden there was this bang on the door. The girl answered the door to the man from downstairs!! Im thinking I can’t go face to face with this guy while wearing a face mask!!

I think though, I’ve made an arse of myself so many times, when I did junior body building way back in the day, it was the end of the show, I was tired. You would go around and see different supplement stands to buy proteins etc. there is this massive guy sitting there and I was aware that he was singing things for people but wasn’t really paying too much attention. I saw this billboard with this bodybuilder on it and remember saying ‘yeah he’s here today isn’t he!’ It was the guy sitting there signing things for people! Really embarrassing!

The point of todays video is to be able to laugh at yourself!!