Release The Cranachan

Release the Cranachan

Cranachan.  Give your health a boost with this traditional Scottish dessert.  High in protein, antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre, calcium, magnesium and iron.  This is the perfect boost for your immune system.

The Kilted Coaches are going to take you through the recipe and the instructions to make Cranachan.

* Oats
* High Protein Greek Yoghurt
* Raspberries
* Heather Honey to sweeten the whole thing up!

First off we are going to go some nice and healthy oats.  There is 2 ways of doing this, you can either put them on a tray and under the grill, so they are nice and crispy.  However, we are going to cheat a little bit and put them in the microwave to make this process a little quicker.

Next we will add in some high protein Greek yoghurt into the oats and stir it in gently.  After this we will spoon in some raspberries trying to keep them whole.

Once everything is mixed in together, place the dessert into some serving glasses to make it look pretty 😉 and last but not least, you take your Cranachan and add some delicious heather honey for sweetness.

This is a great dessert if you want to increase your protein intake, or makes a nice healthy snack.

Each serving is packed with 25g of protein and once you have eaten this, you will feel 110% more Scottish!