Realise How Awesome you are!

Realise How Awesome you are.  Lessons from Fonzie!

Realise how awesome you are.  This is a lesson from Fonzie. We are big believers that you should always look to make progress.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

However, when you are constantly looking forward, its nice to be able to stop, take a look at yourself and realise how far you have come.  Realise how awesome you actually are!

The main of this lesson is, you should always be looking to improve yourself In which ever way you feel, just like Fonzie!  Fonzie is always combing his hair, always checking himself in the mirror and always having a persona of real confidence.

Now, we don’t mean this from a narcissistic point of view, obviously Fonzie loved himself, but you can apply this to absolutely anything!  So you have to be constantly checking, am I improving?  Am I Progressing?  Always making tiny little improvements on what ever it is that you need to improve on to achieve your set goal.

Obviously Fonzie is a very visual aspect.  We are not asking you to become narcissistic but take a look at yourself physically and think what can I improve on?  No matter how fit you get, always look and see where you can improve.  Maybe by becoming fitter, leaner, stronger whatever that may be, chose a goal and work on that.

This can also be applied financially, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Ask yourself what are you surrounding yourself in everyday?  Am I reading or listening to educational content that can help develop my growth?

A little homework…

Now its always good to be continually progressing, but its also important to take a look in the mirror and see how far you have come and how far you have progressed.  Understanding that just because you are always trying to improve yourself, it doesn’t mean you can t take a look in the mirror and think… you’re pretty awesome!! The main thing being is although Fonzie could of been a little up himself and for that people loved him!


If you hate yourself when you look in the mirror or find it difficult to find something positive about yourself,  think about what message you are giving to other people around you and whether they should like or not?

Remember to keep growing, keep progressing but every now and again take a real hard look at yourself and just appreciate how far you have come!