Rabby’s Ramblings! Week beginning 8th August

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Well for a change I decided to write this on my ‘Super Saturday’ and I’ll admit the creative juices are flowing.

It has been a pretty awesome week. Diet has gone well, both myself and Coach Stephen got new personal bests on the bench press this morning and in about three hours time we get to run around a park in our kilts amongst like minded Scottish folk (also dressed in kilts) just for the banter. Naturally i’ll look back a few times and convince myself I’m their leader and they are following me into battle.


So last Saturday almost mirrored today, as we had to film the promotional video for the very Kilt run we will be completing this afternoon. What was so cool was that we were, for a change, being filmed by an outside company so we felt like celebrities for a morning as we were told where to go, where to run, sit, jump etc etc… It was relaxing to watch these guys stress over the correct angles while Stephen and I messed around making dumbass instagram ‘stories.’

It was pretty good fun. And the drone footage these guys got was Fantastic!!! Check it out HERE.


Time is ticking now towards our big charity event ‘Kiltember’ and I can barely contain my excitement. Although, to be fair, I’m quite an excitable guy at the best of times, but this is like my Super Bowl Baby!!!

Currently we are just spreading the word and doing our best to get people involved from all around the world. We are working hard on getting a representative from the state of Oklahoma to adorn some tartan but so far the individual is resisting. We will prevail of that i’m sure!!

I actually got a real buzz and sense of fulfilment this week as donations started to come in already. I can see now why people get hooked doing charity work as it really is rewarding, to put your mind to something and raise funds for a good cause and to see people inspired enough by your efforts to part with their money. I truly hope we hit our target, which we have set at 7k. This is the daily running costs of the Air Ambulance. Not cheap I know!!!



Ok so I should probably make mention of the videos since I’ve wandered away from them the last few posts. Thursday night we filmed a few more porridge episodes and we had such a funny time. One recipe, when we made porridge granola(video to be released in a few weeks) we followed a recipe that, at first glance, made no sense. Even when the finished product emerged we were like “What the F$ck?” but then we allowed it to set and tasted it AND MY WORD it truly was delicious!!! Possibly not that great for you mind you but so god damn tasty!!


As I write this Coach Stephen is taking his wee boy to his first rugby session. It’s a class called Rugby tots and I am so jealous. I wanted to take my daughter along as she is similar age but my wife ‘to be’ pulled rank. I loved my rugby years but with a rugby dad and a ballerina mother, she would have to pick one or the other I guess. The ballet won!

Perhaps I was just chancing my luck there. Although to be fair, she loves music and picks up the steps really quickly so perhaps that is more her forte. I would have loved to be the team coach though that would have been awesome!!


Ok I shall try and finish with something motivational, inspirational, fantasticazial (I think I just invented a word there) so it goes a little something like this.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going! There is No easy way out and no shortcut home! Just stick to the damn plan and get it done!”*

Hows that for a sign off!!! Completely original I know!!!

Yours in fantasticazial fashion

Kilted Coach Rab


*references-Billy ocean, Robert Tepper(rocky 4), The Kilted coaches, Kilted Coach Rab