Rabby’s Ramblings. Week of 15th August


Yes you are seeing that right-it’s Deadpool…or more specifically ‘Ed pool’ and I shall summarise the experience by simply saying ‘we have created a monster’

I am Kilted Coach Rab and you are reading my nonsense once again. This week, we delved even deeper into the land of wackiness when we recruited a good friend of ours to adorn the red and black and let loose on his childhood ambitions to be the very man you see above.

And boy did he nail it!!! He even sounded like him!! It was awesome.

As you may know, we are a quarter of the way into our porridge series and the gimmicks are still flowing for now. (A video of the highlights can be viewed HERE if you need to catch up)

Deadpool was always going to happen. It needed to happen. But I do feel  the consequences of our actions may not truly come to light until further down the road. And by this I mean the total and complete self destruction of our good friend Ed.

Wait Whaaaaat???? Yup you heard me. That was no standard morph suit, I actually found it near the docks after I saw, what I thought was perhaps a meteor, fall from the sky and crash to earth.

I was very careful not to try the suit on but I won’t lie, as I held it in my fingers I could feel the longing in my heart to wear it. My bones still ache to this day from a mere three minutes of contact.

For Ed, well, he is proper f%cked. I could see it in his eyes before his did the final zip. It energised him, revitalised him, tantalised him, it put the ‘ised’ in every word you could ever use to describe him. He didn’t just wear that suit, he became the suit. When I gazed into those spandex black eye sockets I could see an abyss of chaos consuming our very friend, wrapping him up in nonsense and tearing away every moral strand that made him a fine upstanding gentleman of the community.

I could have done the right thing and tried to help him out, rip it off him, burn the suit on a bed of immortal flames blessed with the blood of the potato people, but I didn’t.

It was all just too damn funny!!!

And now our very good friend Ed is gone forever.

In his place.



Keep an eye out for this one…..



Ok serious(ish) chat now. We finally released our kilted camping footage which was filmed, I reckon, six weeks ago roughly. I guess the message we were trying to get across was to take a holiday from technology, to get away from all the subtle electromagnetic fields that buzz franticly in our ears all day without us noticing. To really let the body reach a state of calm,

of peace…

of tranquility.

And of course we buggered that up by filming it!!! The very thing we were preaching made mute by the very fact we brought along electronics and used them.

What’s that saying though, ‘do as we say NOT as we do?’

Ach well, it was still an awesome experience. We had a fantastic fire going which was entertainment in itself.

I sometimes wonder if we are losing vital skills in society by not teaching and rehearsing simple life skills like building a fire and camping rough. Are we spoiled so much today that we cannot ever be 100% happy in this new environment-always seeking more?

I suppose you could argue that we, as people, are no longer ‘hunter gatherers’ but more ‘consumers’ but perhaps it’s this interim change that is leaving so many feeling unfulfilled? When we made camp, our jobs were simple (I mean other than filming it) we built our tent to make sure we could stay dry. We then had to get a fire for warmth and to cook our dinner (and also to scare away those pesky midge flies). We spent the night eating, foraging for fire wood and keeping the fire alive. We were dry, we were warm, the chat was flowing (and so was the whisky) and we felt fulfilled. It was a simple and uncomplicated way of life and theres something romantic about that, from a survival perspective.

Choices. Always choices. Our life is filled with them, although out there in the woods, the choices were limited and it felt great.

So yeah, get out into the unknown, leave the devices at home and remind yourself that YOU are all the company you need (well, maybe bring your best friend too)

This post is called rambling and I think I’ve rambled enough.

Until next week.

Kilted Coach Rab