Rabby’s Ramblings! “Food for thought”

Here we go for another round of nonsense!

And what an interesting week it has been.

You know, on reflection, we are both very proud of a decision we made earlier this week. We kept everything fairly quiet but we had in fact been ASKED to apply for another tv show, which we did.  We were  interviewed a few times over the phone and then on Skype by two very nice assistant producers and we were successful in our application and were invited onto the show.

The show was based on cooking and this wasn’t really in our plans at the moment. We do have our cookbook due out soon. However, competing against other keen foodies was not really on our agenda at this present time.

We enjoy helping people on weight-loss journeys and get a real kick out of our clients getting results from our online coaching and advice.  Cooking competitions is not really our bag and yet the pair that interviewed us were very charming, friendly and we thought “ you know what lets do this.”


We were given a filming schedule fairly short notice but it seemed clear enough, the dates were all there, we made arrangements and we “got stuck in.”


The thing is about these TV people, is that they do everything last minute and expect you to ask “how high” when commanded to jump. I guess for some people, the chance at TV must be life changing. But for us Kilted Coaches, we love our life and love our current audience. We were neither up nor down about the entire idea but entertained it all the same.

My point about this ramble is about valuing yourself and not allowing yourself to be treated like some chirpy puppy playing fetch or just generally being at someone else’s beckon call. We are big believers in “STICKING TO THE DAMN PLAN” so when we make a plan, whether it be a filming schedule, a meeting, a routine, WE STICK TO THE DAMN PLAN!

And in this instance, the producers of this particular show couldn’t.


They made multiple changes and demands that were all last minute with ZERO regards to the number of lives this would impact.

Both Coach Stephen and I have our own families with children and a routine with the family is vital. When we got our filming schedule we made changes to both our family life and also our other businesses to allow for this to fit in. We also had to organise some friends to come around for one part of the filming, filling a table of ten. So, when the email came to change some of our filming days, I genuinely do not think those producers stopped for one minute to realise just how many people that would affect.

I will tell you how many.

Approximately 55 people.

One little email they sent changing the Damn plan and expecting us to go along with it had a knock on effect of around 55 people.

55? Yes well for my own business I would have needed to rearrange 16 clients to accommodate that request, Coach Stephen would be the same, then we have our families to re-organise with childcare (another 8) and then re-organising the friends required for the ‘back-story filming(10) and then the childcare(5) of those individuals so they could come and be ‘wined and dined’  ’taking the total (purely from our end) to around 55!

That’s quite incredible when you think about it.

So we stood our ground and said NO, and further more, we didn’t want to do work with a company that treats people with such disregard like that.

Had they emailed to ask ‘is it possible to change the filming dates?’ then they may have got an entirely different response from us but sadly this was not the case. They demanded, told us ‘matter of factly’ and completely forgot that WE were their content for THEIR show. We were not being paid and without all the contestants they would not have a show.

So we called it a day and we felt great about it.


It is really important in life to stand up for what you believe in. If TV was your thing or your big break then sure, go for it, jump through their hoops, make something of it, but if someone or some company isn’t treating you properly or with the same values that you treat others with, then it’s simple, don’t work with them!

Value YOU and your time always! Do not be at someone else’s beckon call! What makes THEIR time more valuable than yours?

Time is really the only valuable currency there is. Once spent you can’t get it back. And sure, you can buy time in advance, e.g. paying someone to do a job for you and hence ‘freeing’ up your time but nonetheless once the time has passed you can’t buy it back.

Be mindful of who you spend your currency on.

Food for thought 🙂  (see what I did there 😉