Put The Ork into Your Work

Put The Ork Into Your Work! The works in the 41st millennium create massive machines that defy physics… but they work because they BELIEVE they will work. Put the work back into your work by believing in what you do.

So there is a series of books that I read, The Warhammer Universe, which is based in the future. If you have ever seen The Lord of the Rings, you would of seen the Ork characters. Imagine those, but in the future.

In their particular universe the oak’s are a bit mental, they live for war, but nevertheless they build these gigantic war machines that shouldn’t work. They build these oversized constructions with massive guns that just shouldn’t balance and are so huge they shouldn’t move, but somehow they do!

Within that universe, the other species don’t understand, and cannot see the sense. The beauty if it is what they call orkish. And orkish is when they believe! These constructions work because they believe it will work!

It’s that age old saying of the bumble bee. Certain people continuously say that a bumble bee should not be able fly due to the physics of the whole thing. The size of the bumble versus the size of the wings and how many times has to move its wings and somebody forgot to tell the bumble bee!

There is a lot of truth behind this in everyday life! we just don’t know what is true and what isn’t. More often than not, we can convince ourselves that something isn’t going to work because its improbable, or we just cant control that she of life. Whatever the excuse may be, what we have experienced and what we certainly try to teach our clients, is you can make anything work if you truly believe.

A lot of the top sports stars, you could probably argue that of them are orkish. What I mean by that is, when watching sports, like rugby, you have winning players in that team, basically if they are winning players, they are not done until game is done! Even if they are losing! They believe that they can get the job done!

They never once doubted themselves, they believed that the game was still winnable. There are some games when teams are down 4/5 tries, come back in after half time determined to bring it back! This is very orkish because they believe it will work!

So what we say for your own lifestyle whether its a health and fitness journey, you got to put your heart and sole into it. You need to truly believe it is going to work. If you don’t believe its going to work, then don’t do it! You will be just wasting your time!

Think about all the magical things people have achieved over the years and question how did they do that! Take those situations and think about your current goals, as soon as you believe it is going to work…it will work!

In everyday life, when you believe in something 100% that it is going to work, you are opening up all your senses to take in information that is going to help you get there.

If you already believe its happened you need to open to other possibilities and you will then be aware of certain things that you weren’t aware of before. Things come into your life by you believing 100% you can achieve something.

So put the work back into your work.