Progression Over Perfection.

There are still many people who fail to take action until they have all the pieces of the puzzle put together. Drop the perfectionist mindset and instead aim for progress. It really doesn’t matter wherer you are starting from. Just start!

Progress is key. Progression in every element of your life is vital to be successful in everything that you do. Too many people look at all the in’s and out’s, try to create the perfect plan for them, they the n worry about where they are starting from. The only thing that matters is that you establish where you are right now and that you make progress over the upcoming weeks, months or even years.

You then ask yourself, well what is progress? If it was exercise, it might mean 1 single extra rep, slightly more weight, it mean getting to the gym that extra session one week. It mean getting an extra 10 minutes doing cardio. That is progression.

When it comes to lifestyle factors as well, you might think I don’t have time to exercise, set your alarm 2 minutes earlier than what you would normally would. You may think 2 minutes won’t solve anything, it is a start! Its progress. Once you are used to waking 2 minutes earlier, you can then go for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes etc. Slowly but surely you are creating a lifestyle that is suitable for the goal that you are trying to achieve.

You might look into your hydration levels, it might be getting enough water in everyday. If you struggle to hit a particular water target initially, aim for 200ml more, build it up. Or if you get 1 full day in, go for a streak – multiple days on the trot. That will be progression.

Now, sometimes in life, you might look at your own personality and think you would like to be a slightly different way. To progress, you would need to think, what can I do today? I could strike up a conversation with one stranger. Thats a start. I can smile at somebody, if you cant bring yourself to make the words, make eye contact with somebody, smile and then move on. Thats progress. Once you are then comfortable with that side of you, Then you can make another step forward.

Have a look at the areas in your life that you want to make improvements on. Then measure where are you right now, look at where you want to be and look at the first natural step. Little bits of progression and then just keep working towards that every single day.

Regardless of how bog or small these progressions are, just male progress.