Planning Your Weight Loss Success

We are the kilted coaches and today we are going to talk about planning your weight loss success.
So for your weight loss success we are going to break it down. What are you trying to achieve? Absolutely, that long term goal, why are you watching this video in the first place? What is that long term goal. Once we have got it, even it’s a ten year goal, we can break it down into manageable chunks.
So what do we mean by manageable chunks. Tell us coach Stephen? What is it?
Manageable chunks, something you can see, it’s just at the edge, just beyond your reach. Just within your reach!

Picture yourself exactly how you are going to be in three months. That might just be a half stone down it might be three stones down. Who knows you’ll have your own plans.
But the main thing is you can picture it in your head. The next part of the plan is, setting a goal is all well and good but you have to decide or research, or ask someone what is actually required to achieve that goal. Basically what we’re telling you is you’ve got to work out what’s required,
What is required to achieve your goal?
And plan those damn details!!
Because let’s face it, so many people set themselves a goal…
“Do you know what i’m going to lose three stone in three months.” and then they go out all guns blazing but they actually have no idea what they are actually doing.
So then they don’t achieve their goal, they get upset then they go back to their normal.
We want you to plan exactly what is required to achieve your goal.
If you want to lose three stone in three months, you know it’s a big ask but it’s do-able.
Then what is required, what exercise is required, what nutrition is required, what lifestyle factors will have to be in place for you to achieve that goal?
Plan those details
Plan the details.
Then ask yourself, am I willing to do that?
Because so many people again, set themselves a goal of losing three stone but they are not willing to do what is required to achieve that and so it just ends in disappointment.
Be willing to make the changes.

Once you’ve got the details all planned out of what is required then what?
Consistency – Monitor – Adapt.
Ho ho I like it.
These are our principles, we love this.

What do we mean by consistency?
Regular, Being absolutely regular with your training, nutrition, consistent with the principles you have put in place.
What do you mean by monitor?
You have to be able to record what you are doing and know that you are improving
Because if you are not losing weight you have to adapt that thing.
When you step on those scales – that’s you monitoring, and if that pin isn’t moving you have to adapt.
Then you are consistent with that adaptation.
And it just keeps repeating.
Consistency, monitor, adapt
It’s the cycle of life.
That’s the lion king is it not?
No that the circle of life.

Long term goal
Break it down into short term goals
Work out what is required
Plan the details
And then once you’ve done all that
Plan ahead –
And stick to the plan
Stick to the damn plan.
Is that a swear word?
Are we allowed to say that?
You can say what you want when you’re wearing a Kilt?
Haha thats very true
Stick to the damn plan!!