Plank Variation Ab Routine for A Stronger Core

Plank Variation Ab Routine for A Stronger Core…

The plank variation Ab routine is a fantastic workout for building a good strong core and tightening the mi section.  This routine will maximise fat burning and get you on your way to a firmer stomach.  As with all these exercise routines, please consult your doctor before embarking on any workout programme you find on line.

We are trying to find the best location for this nice little ab routine we have for you.

So we have a plank challenge for you today.  Straight forward challenge for you, we are going to start with the front plank then progress to side plank.  Then go in to a toe tap leading in to a knee pull.  Finally transitioning into a hop plank.  The rule is that only one foot is allowed to touch the floor at any one time.

For beginners it will be 30 seconds for each movement, intermediates go up to 1 minute per movement and advanced aim for 2 minutes each movement.

Lets muscle up buttercup… lets get stuck in!!