Paying it Forward

Paying it forward

Paying it forwards is one of the simplest ways to spread good feelings amongst everyone you come across in any given day.  Paying it forwards is, quite simply, doing a good deed for a person, then instead of paying the one person back, you do a good deed for someone else – thus paying the favour forwards.

Normally our mindset lessons are very relaxed and more of a thought process in your head.  So for this weeks mindset Monday we are looking for a bit more solid action!

There will be times when someone has done a good deed for you, as we have encouraged in previous mindsets, but rather than trying to pay that person back, try to pay it forward instead.  By doing so this makes your own community a much better place and makes you feel amazing.

So our task today is to go out and try to pay it forward.  You might ask what is a good deed that has been to done to us that needs paying forwards?  Well…that’s down to you guys!  We love our audience for sticking by us, watching our work, commenting and sharing our work which helps us.  So we are going to pay that kindness forwards with some good, random acts of kindness.

The little things in life sometimes go a very long way.  We decided to get together a few bits of lose change and paying it forward that way.  Just to highlight, its not the monetary value that’s important, its the thought and the feelings you give to someone by doing so.

By giving people these thoughts and feels, it may give them the incentive to go ahead and pay it forward themselves.  The action point for today…go and pay it forward!