Waterfalls, awesome chicks and a damn good recipe.

Organic eggs. It’s that time of the month again when we give you a little more to watch.

Our out and about section was in Falkland on a walk called Maspie Den. This walk has been firm favourite of mine (Stephen) for a long time and it was just a pleasure to film and highlight to our audience and followers. Of course there was the normal shenanigans from Rab and I which is standard for the Kilted Coaches.

The Kilted Coaches at Maspie Den

The Kilted Coaches at Maspie Den


We then wanted to highlight the benefits of using Organic produce and more specifically Organic Eggs. Eggs are always on the menu for the Kilted Coaches because they are so quick, easy and versatile for ensuring good protein content in your diet. Going to the Organic Farm was an eye opener to how well some chickens are kept and was a real breath of fresh air away from the horror stories of third world chicken farming. The Grierson’s certainly know how to look after their animals and Sascha was more than accommodating for two nosey guys in kilts.

Of course Sascha insisted we didn’t leave empty handed so with 12 beautiful eggs between us we felt we needed to do them justice with a nice recipe. There was only one man we had in mind who would be up for the task….. Chef Hall.

Rick isn’t actually a chef but he loves being in the kitchen, is damn good with a knife and certainly didn’t disappoint. His quick and easy spinach and broccoli soufflé was delicious and so easy to make.


I hope you enjoy this episode and of course, if you have any questions or suggestions for future filming please get in touch.


So this months extended episode we’ve brought you something special

Yeah we like to give you a little more, we’ve got loads to show you today, we’ve been out and about

Yeah we’ve been out in the falklands

Yeah we encourage everyone to get to get out in the open, use our country, rather than gym all the time. Because we do live in a beautiful country, don’t we?

and who needs a gym when you’ve got Scotland?

That’s the main message, right?

And who needs a gym when you’ve got the kilted coaches because we’re got a special challenge for you, don’t we?

We do, we do

We’ve got a special challenge called the proclaimers challenge

Can you guess?

No we cant use that phrase anymore

So, proclaimers challenge, can you guess what it is? 500 miles. Let’s walk 500 miles, not in one go, ok, we’ve got a PDF download that you can get straight from out website

If you subscribe to our website which is free you’ll get it emailed out to you, you can print it off, and stick it to your fridge

and all we’re doing is, you then mark off, in five mile chunks, you mark off when you’ve done five miles, if you go for a ten mile walk then you can mark off two

Most people these days have a smartphone or a fitbit, most smartphones have an app or an inbuilt function to measure the distance that you’ve travelled

So you can then, every time you go out, you do something you mark it off and eh on the PDF download you’ll see it, you mark it off and by the time you’ve filled out all the squares you’ve done 500 miles

So today we’re going to give you the footage from the falklands

we reckon about four miles-ish

Almost one block in the proclaimers challenge


So, we’re out and about working towards our proclaimers challenge

Like we said let’s try and make the walks interesting and we’ve got a beautiful walk here in falklands it’s called Maspie Den lots of waterfalls and we’re going to show you exactly what it’s like

Let’s get stuck in

So, this looks pretty scary

The black hole of doom

I think we should do paper, scissors, rock for this bad boy

I’m not going in there

You’re going first

On three

One, two, three

i never win that

Bye bye rabbi

I need a big stick or something

Just get in there

It’s quite dark isn’t it?

Very dark

it’s really dark

Feel like coming out in a different time zone

it wasn’t that bad was it?

Nah it was fine

That’s about two to three miles off our proclaimers challenge

Yeah, just another 497 left to go

That was a pretty epic walk though, especially the tunnel

The tunnel was pretty good, waterfalls were beautiful

Yeah they really were

So just remember if you’ve got an active lifestyle and you eat well then you can afford a few luxuries in life

I’ll drink to that


So we hope you enjoyed that and if you do decide to get out and about it’s really important to stay hydrated

Stay hydrated, stay fuelled, stay safe

It’s important to choose your routes wisely especially weather-wise, right?

Yeah make sure you’ve got the right clothing, the right footwear, make sure your socks stay dry

and on the nutrition front we get lots of questions in the one that seems to be reoccurring is eggs.

Now i love my eggs

After you exercise its all about recovery now to recover properly you need good protein now we’re always battering on about good protein and we’re also battering on about being convenient, lets keep things simple, keep things easy

Something that’s going to be quick and easy to cook

Therefore eggs are the go to choice really aren’t they?
So I think we need to go and speak to some experts about eggs

yeah lets speak to some egg experts

The expert
Show us the chicks

You promised me chicks today

Scratch that line, scrap that line, ok?

Welcome to the fair guys, Rab, lovely to see you again

Good to see you, Sasha

and you brought someone along with you

This is my friend, Stephen, this is Sasha

Very nice to meet you, Sasha

Good to meet you too

Well welcome to our farm

Thank you very much this is all new to me, Rab’s briefly mentioned it, but please tell us about the farm, where it comes from and how long you’ve been doing this

OK, eh Hugh and I, Hugh’s my husband, Hugh and I are a family farming partnership and we’ve been farming organically since 2002 and we produce beef, lamb, pork, chicken and eggs

Eggs is the main thing today, isn’t it?

Eggs for us because we’re trying to keep things simple and eh eggs are just highly nutritious, high protein, easy food so we want to talk to you a little bit about eggs

Great, let’s go see some hens then
So, here we are at the chicken farm then

Yeah, welcome to the farms boy

So I guess the first question is what exactly is organic?

Organic farming means farming with no chemical input and only using medications for animals as and when they need it rather than routinely, it’s a very clean way to produce food, but for us farming with no chemical input means farming with no artificial fertilisers, so we use what nature gives us, so we use farm yard manure, animal dung and eh sunlight and clover to build our soil fertility and we don’t add anything

Whats the difference between say a standard egg and an organic egg, that you know of?

Is there a difference?

Well, it’s definitely true that the yolks in organic eggs they’re much more natural yellow colour, the yellow colour comes from animals being able to go out on grass and scratch around as you can see

and picking at my boots that little one was doing

and they pick up the natural yellow the yolks become a natural rich yellow colour because of that

Nutritionally theres no hard evidence on eggs but theres a lot of  evidence coming out now that nutritionally organic food has a better nutrition content

So, the important bit, do they taste better?

Well, I think they do, you guys will have to try for yourselves but yeah theres an underlying sweetness in a lot of organic food especially organic eggs that gives it a nice natural taste you don’t need to add much to it so it makes it very easy to cook because they taste great naturally one other thing to say about farming organically is that what we’re trying to do is recreate as much as possible a chicken’s natural life so they can express their natural behaviour so they are able to come outside peck around in the grass get some natural grass and bugs and various other good things in their diet and to get exposure to sunlight and to the elements

What is it that you feed them?

We feed them on our own home grown  wheat and we work very closely with a feed company to buy in the things that we cant grow that chickens actually need in their diet  but that’s all done to organic standard and the reason why we have to be very careful about a laying hens nutrition is that she’s actually a very small brilliant food producing machine she’s only about 4lbs in weight and everyday at least six days a week she’ll give you about 50 to 60g of perfect food because eggs are perfect food and that’s the human equivalent of re-growing our arm every day

Thats like 1/8th of the body weight really, thats amazing

So we should show her a little respect and try and treat her well and try and give her as good a life as is commercially possible and thats why i say to people buying a half a dozen organic eggs may cost you about £1 extra per week that’s not really a lot to ensure a better quality of life. That’s one less  cup of coffee every fortnight

I’m pretty sure the coffees all it takes

The great thing bout eggs is not only are they a perfect food they’ve got lots of lovely protein and various other amino acids, I think you commented on that Stephen, but they also they’re very quick and easy to cook and make interesting and tasty things from

So, thank you very much for today, Sasha, it was an eye-opener

Chickens are quite cute

Oh bless you

Pecking away at our feet

Yes chickens are, they’re great, and I’ve got some lovely eggs as a momento of your visit here, so take them home, perfect, delicious and organic eggs

Thank you so much

Oh brilliant

Thank you for your time

No worries great to have you here

SO that looks like a pretty tasty eggs

Something a bit more special

Should we find somebody who knows what they’re talking about

I know just the man

Chef Hall

Right, we’re at Chef Hall’s residence

Chef Hall, we’ve got some awesome eggs and we need some ideas, what are you going to cook for us?

Well I think eggs can be very simple or you can make them much more healthy by adding some really good greens

I think spinach and broccoli soufflé would be a great idea

I think we need a name for this, Stephen

Bad-ass broccoli super souffle there we go

Let’s get stuck in

wheres he going?

I dont like the looks of this

right talk us though it chef

Half a head of broccoli, spinach, a little bit of cheddar cheese and three eggs

Three eggs

Let’s cut

How many will this feed?

This is for two

Increase the numbers to feed more you could do a big family one

Stemss as well, there good for you

we like our greens

now we need to separate the eggs

Only the egg yolks go in

Nice big organic eggs there

Better put the spinach in there

Just enough to give it a bit of power

What’s next?

The exercise

Hope you warmed up for that

You could use an electric whisk

We like our exercise

I’ve never done it as well as that before

Chef’s always use lots of bowls

In the bowl first

Now a little bit of cheddar cheese some more protein to it

Salt and pepper to it

Chef Hall

Rock salt

Air is what is going to keep the whole thing

Boiled, scrambled? Can I have a cloud please?

Try not to break the bubbles

It’s always two to three minutes, Chef

little bit of flour and butter in each ramekin

Look at that

Into the over

preheated 200 for two to three minutes


Now there’s a result

That looks amazing

Spoon each tuck in

Spoon, spoon

It’s pretty damn fluffy too

Over the lips and through the gums look out stomach here it comes

You really taste the broccoli don’t you?

That is beautiful

Good eggs, good chef, good dish

Wow, I don’t know about you but that soufflé was damn good

I actually made it again myself later and it worked

I’m so surprised see when you’re whisking it and you’re like i can actually do this I thought there was a magic potion or something that you needed

No it was really really tasty

So easy

There must be other vegetables that was broccoli and spinach

Yeah he must have just made that up, right?

Once you can make a soufflé you can put whatever in it

So what you’re looking to do is make a soufflé and put whatever you want in it, right?

Try it out and let us know what you try

You’ve got to watch as well, Stephen, kind of fell in love with the chickens didn’t you?

They’re so cute that wee one that was pecking at my foot

Love hurts, mate right?

It was quiet an experience there was hundreds of them

It was just that constant chicken noise

Even more reason to go free range and Organic you don’t want drugs pumped into the animals

Thats it for this month, hope you enjoyed the episode, got a few bits and pieces coming your way. If you do plan to watch us next month then stick the damn plan