How The Oldies Get Fit

How The Oldies Get Fit…

Does age play a role in getting fit?  Can we still lose weight after 40, 50 or even 60? Stephen and Rab discuss age and exercise, what the real issues are and how to optimise your training.  Even if you are an oldie.

We have had a conversation going on in our clan community, within the forum that we chat in.  One of our long standing members was chatting about age and if it plays a factor in getting fit.  We do answer questions all the time within the forum, where all the members interact with each other.  We thought this question was a really good question.  It certainly has come a couple of times in the past, so we thought we would make a video for it.

At a early age, we could train a lot and recover quite quickly.  With no real injuries or niggles to worry about.  When we reached our 20’s we felt we weren’t recovering quite as quickly and certainly into my 30’s we are definitely feeling it now!!

The most important thing about training is the recovery, so as the years add up the recovery needs to be increased!


One of the main initial factors is recovery.  That is ultimately and first and foremost the difference between someone in their 30 -40’s or the 40-50’s.  A young person will have more levels of the growth hormone in their body when they go to sleep at night.  Therefore the recovery is better.  Their hormones are firing on all cylinders.  So fundamentally recovery slows down with age.

This question came from Stephen and he made the point of a lot of athletes when they hot a certain age 30-35, they have their prime and its all down hill after that!  As Stephen is a little older than that, he’s worried and asking are we all doomed!?  The point made is that it is all about the recovery.  Then it comes down to the individual and being very sensitive about the training session.  More importantly the recovery in between the sessions.  A 20 year old athlete can handle more than a 30 year old.

As long as you are sensible with your training sessions and the recovery is correct, there is nothing stopping you from getting fitter.

‘A younger persons body can deal with stress better but the mind can’t. An older persons mind can deal the stress better but the body can’t’.