Did Nike Get it Wrong? – Just BE It!

Did Nike Get it Wrong? – JUST BE IT!

Did Nike get it wrong? JUST BE IT. More important then ‘doing’ is ‘being’. We often believe we have to do certain things to be a certain way but the reverse of this is true. Just BE and the actions will come later.

So today we are going to talk about a vey simple thought process, that will help pretty much every aspect of your life! What we are saying is the Nike got it wrong!  Or we just like our version better!

So nike say ‘Just Do It’ which is great saying and obviously world famous, however the act of doing is obviously important, but more powerful than that is to BE!  Just simply be – ‘Just Be It!’

To give you an example is if you are thinking about becoming fit, you are wanting to be a fit person, some people believe that you have to go to the gym and you have to do exercise to be fit!  However, the reverse of that is often more powerful and will serve you for a lot longer!

So, if you just simply be, if you want to be a fit person then just BE!  If you have the mindset of ‘I am fit’ then you will naturally start to do the things that fit people do!  So being comes well before doing!

For Example…

So a perfect example of this, coach Stephen has recently taken up judo, and right probably doesn’t feel much like a judo player, however I bet you once you have gone and done a competition, you will come back from that be like, yeah, I’m a judo player!!  And you are just being it!

Just Be it from the word go, get in that mindset that you are what you want to be right from the word go and you will succeed so much more and so much faster.