New Year Mash Up

New Year Mash Up

To celebrate the new year, the Kilted Coaches have put together a mash-up of all their characters from their channel.

First up we had ‘Flappy Jack’ and Granny-ola’.  These were characters used in an episode of 52 ways to do porridge.  The episode showed you how to make granola oat bites or gobby porridge.

Next up we had Jock MacPlop and Bawbag MacTavish.  They featured in the business workout video where the coaches gave you the best exercises to stay ahead of the game in business.

After that we saw ‘The Geeks’ that featured in the video on the 4 pillars for success and the promotion of the Clan.  Any health and fitness endeavour requires 4 key pillars to be successful.  The Kilted Coaches explain those 4 points and offer a solution to help you on your journey.

And of course The Kilted Coaches themselves…cracking on!