New Surroundings for new thoughts

Your personal reality is a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Unfortunately it difficult to have fresh thoughts when you are constantly in the same environment.  Experience new surroundings for new thoughts.

So today we are at St Fillins, a place we have never really stopped before.  We are feeling quite philosophical today, we both recently had a few things going on and as always we trying to grow and develop ourselves, both personally and professionally.  

Todays lesson is something you can also take on board if you are thinking about developing yourself, maybe with your fitness, weight loss, wellbeing or just your general health.  Its difficult to create a new you if you stay on the same environment.  You have to change things up.  

If you are constantly waking up in the same bed, waking up to the same person, going through the same routine every day it’s difficult to break that cycle.  The neurones that fire together, wore together so if you are constantly in the same environment its difficult to create new thoughts.  

So, get out somewhere new, change your surroundings and ultimately you will open up your mind and you start to see things from an outside point of view.  Change your environment to change you!  You then create a new vision and a fresh new outlook on your life. You can guarantee you will have this magical brainstorming experience where you will think of all these new potential outcomes of your life that you maybe couldn’t see before!