Needs versus Wants

Needs vs wants.

We’re all guilty claiming we ‘Need’ something when really we don’t.  You may desire something but using the word ‘need’ leads to the wrong mindset and can result in higher stress levels.

People say the wrong things, and as soon as you say the wrong things it triggers things off in your head that give you the faulted impression of the world and what your body requires.  So when you say out load you end up convincing yourself that your words are true.

Although it seems really simple, change your language and stop saying you need something and change it to something you want. Fundamentally there are only 3 things that you ‘need’ in your life.

The first thing you ‘need’ is air to breath.  You can last up to 3 minutes without oxygen.  This may differ for each person depending on your condition.

Secondly you need food or nutrition of some description, you can last up to 3 weeks without food.

Thirdly you need water and hydration, you can last up to 3 days without water.  You can then take it a stage further and say you need shelter and warmth.

Taking this a step further because we can change this, by saying i ‘need’ this OR….giving yourself the answer of what would happen if you didn’t have the thing you ‘need’.

Thinking about the all the unfortunate situations all over the world of people who don’t have the simple ‘needs’ in life like food, water and shelter, just think about if you really ‘need’ that desire.

Think about the current things that you think you ‘need’ and decide weather you actually need them or you just want them!