Who needs a gym when you have Scotland!


screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-13-33-31This week, Coach Stephen and Coach Rab, are providing you with a great alternative to get fit without using a gym – The Great Outdoors!!

There are so many versatile activities that you can do outside that can be tailored to every fitness level.

Pop on over to our YouTube channel to find out how you can get fit outside and we’ll show you some beautiful views of Bonnie Scotland…


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So we’re up here at Kinnoull Hill and I’m slightly shorter than, Stephen, but that is because I am slightly down the hill

And I’m stood in a mole hill

So, the aim of today was to highlight the fact that you don’t necessarily need a gym to get fit

Especially when you live in Scotland

Hey hey

So, we’re here on Kinnoull Hill as you can see from behind us that is basically Dundee over there, this is on our door step, we’re very lucky in Scotland because hills like this are all over the place but you might have your own feature that you can use

Get yourself out, get yourself active. We’re very lucky today this is rare, sunshine, very rare!

Sunshine in Scotland – we do actually get it

I love summer in Scotland it’s the favorite day of the year

It is the favorite day of the year

So, it’s not just about walking up a hill although walking up this hill was actually pretty tough

I know, oh I felt that right in my hamstrings

But you can make use of features you know maybe logs that are lying on the floor, we can do some dips, we can do some bunny hops

If you get a nice flat tree you can do some squat holds against it

There we go so make use of what’s around you to get a little bit more exercise and you know you can pick up the pace you can maybe do some hill runs if your fitness level allows it

Yeah or if you’ve got one of your Fitbits just collect your steps uphill

It makes it much harder, much harder

And look at that the rain is on

As if on cue the rain is on, excellent

Couldn’t have timed that any better

We are now going to go up there and we will show you the views up there because the angle is amazing

We are now at the tower

I wonder why it’s here really

Do you have any idea?

You think initially Kinfauns castle is just the other side of this hill

You’ve got the River Tay just below us

Whisky translates to the water of life

The Canadians spell it the same way as us

The Canadians clearly know what they’re talking about