Morning Mocha Oats – 52 ways to do porridge.

Porridge recipe - Morning Mocha Oats

Morning Mocha Oats – 52 ways to do porridge. The Kilted Coaches

Morning Mocha Oats – 52 ways to do porridge.

The Kilted Coaches deliver another great porridge recipe.

This time we combine your morning cup of coffee with the wholesome oats and top it off with a little cocoa. This recipe really is a winner.

If you like a caffeine boost in the morning and want to try a new way of cooking your oats then morning mocha oats are for you.

I don’t know why we started including the little silly gimmicks at the end of the porridge videos but we’re starting to have quite the laugh with it… well it amuses us if no one else.

I hope you enjoy the Kilted Coaches version of Morning Mocha Oats.

52 ways to do your porridge, this week;
Morning mocha oats. It’s a nice one.
Let’s get stuck in. Nice and straight forward you get your cafetiere
No shaky hands now. Put in bowling water.
Make a full pot of that.
All right. I’ll let you do the honours.
Just let that brew for two to three minutes.
Right, I think my spidey senses are tingling that this is ready so let’s just lunge that.
Lunge it down.
And we just pure that straight into the oats, I think I’ll pull the full thing in, I think.
Hey, Rab stirs.
Oh, sorry that’s not my job.
I feel like we’re missing an ingredient though,what do you think?
Well, it is morning mocha oats, what we’re missing is some cocoa. So what we do with this, eh we get a spoon, little bitty spoon, all we need is a wee heaped teaspoon in your morning mocha oats
Oh Rab will stir that right up. What’s great about putting a bit mocha in there, especially if you get yourself some 85% chocolate you get the theobromance. So Theobromine which is found in dark chocolate lowers blood pressure.
So there we go, we know that dark chocolate is good for us and that is exactly why.
I can feel the theobromance.
I can feel it.
If it starts to look like chocolate pudding then you’ve got it right.
You’re in business.
I dont know if you can see that on the camera. You just pour that out. If you’re that way inclined.
Life is a bit better, life is always better, with a bit of theobromance, right?
85% and finish that bad boy off.
I’m going to eat 85% of the bar, I’ve got a golden ticket.
Presentation’s everything.
So, what do you’s think?


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