Mindset Monday – Revenant Mindset

Revenant Mindset…

The Revenant mindset is a concept which is based around the comeback the main character in the movie ‘The revenant’ makes. The term ‘revenant’ basically means “to return from the dead” which in usual lore usually relates to skeletons or zombies. But in this mindset its about hitting rock bottom but crawling your way back to the top!

In a nut shell…when you can’t run, crawl!  Just take small steps, do whatever you can to move forward.

After watching a movie recently, it definitely helps you appreciate you food, hunger and fasting!  Whats great about it is that is a great analogy for life.  In the movie, after getting mauled by a bear and his friends leaving him!  He was injured, hungry wounded, nearly dying!!  However, he was determined!! Crawling because he could walk, dragging himself along the floor to find shelter and eventually hoisting himself up onto a stick and limps.  Still in dangerous territory, he eventually makes a fire and finds food, water and gains his strength back again!


So if you think of this as numbers game, so if 100 is absolute picture perfect in health, fitness and vitality.  0 being you are dead!!  He would of been at half 0.5!  Many people in this situation would just simply give up and think whats the point!  It is often said that you can literally die from your own negative mindset.  People just give in!  However, he didn’t!! Going from a 0.5 to a 1!! All that mattered was he was moving in the right direction.

Then going from a 1 to a 2 because he pushed himself by finding some water.  So this is exactly what we are suggesting to you, it doesn’t have to be about health and fitness, it can be about your job r your love life!  Whatever it might be, just think where am I? Are you absolutely down and out?  We are obviously talking about extreme cases here, just think what does it take for me to move forward.

If this is weightless, if you’re not happy with your physique, give yourself a number out of 100.  Then from there, think to yourself, I’m going to start crawling and add point to that!  Im going to find water and add a second point to that! Im going to hoist myself ups and keep myself warm and build myself back to 100 one point at a time.