Mindset Monday – Dump your irrational fear

We experience fear every day, sometimes without realising. But is fear a real thing? The Kilted Coaches explain their thoughts on the subject and give you some solid advice on how you can dump your irrational fear.








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It’s time for another Mindset Monday

So today’s episode is all about fear

Not the fear, that was a band, the fear was a band right?

It was also a song, right? With Lily Allan?

Well it’s not that.

Fear, we actually got this idea from a movie I don’t know if we’re allowed to say that

Yeah movie with an actor and his son

We’re being very mysterious here

Leave it in the comments below if you can clock what movie this is from

It’s a very good life lesson we want to try and share with you because it is also very important for health and happiness also

So first of all we experience fear in all walks of life, well, we do experience it but sometimes it’s fear of achieving, fear of failing certainly

Fear of exposing yourself

Yeah we know about that fear

I wasn’t actually meaning like that I was meaning more exposing yourself as in putting yourself out there putting yourself at a risk.

Let’s just say if there was a job promotion but you didn’t go for it for fear of failing or for fear for other people in the office seeing you were trying to go for achieving it or something

Yeah, Yeah, exactly.

And the main lesson here is fear doesn’t exist, it’s not a real thing.

We just made it up for the video.

Fear exists in your head but no other place it’s not a real thing. Danger is a real thing. That’s directly from the movie. Stole that one.

So you can have a fear of heights for instance now danger exists. The danger of falling from height exists however the fear is only in your head so you’ve got to rationalize everything and ask yourself ‘is this a rational fear?’.

So if I was standing up on this wall here and, Rab, came up behind me and was trying to push me off then the fear of falling is definitely there, it’s real.

It’s a danger.

So, always rationalize absolutely everything and you might have a fear and not realize it. So like, Rab, said if maybe a promotion has come up at work or an opportunity has arisen and you don’t go for it for fear of failure that’s not a rational fear. Therefore, you have to deal with it, move on and put yourself out there.

So forget the fear it’s in here, that rhymes so it must be true, right?

In our experience we’ve actually had people scared to go to the gym for fear of embarrassing themselves now that is insane. That is absolutely insane.

If you’re scared of going to the gym I understand it might be an intimidating place but that’s no reason not to go. The gym is the very place that people go to get fit who are out of shape it’s not for the body beautiful people it’s for the people who want to be in a better condition.

So, face the fear, it’s just in here.

And then go out and have a beer.