Mind Over Matter – The Scottish Way

Mind Over Matter – The Scottish Way

When times get tough your mind will create illusions convincing yourself that you should stop trying. Always remember that your body can do much more than your mind will have you believe.  To bypass this system we have created the Scottish way soapily mind over matter but this will also serve you no matter where in the world you live.

Mind over matter is something a lot of you have heard of before, its all about creating the right mindset in your head to overcome any physical barrier.  It doesn’t how fit you are, if the top 2 inches aren’t fit and healthy, you won’t achieve anything.

It all comes back to the fact that the mind will stop you well before your body has given in.  Any pain, discomfort, out of your comfort zone.  The mind hates things that its not used to and will create these illusions that will make you quit well before you should.

Being Scottish, we are a small nation with a huge personality.  We have Scottish pride.  We are world known for our pride.  Now this sometimes is a way of creating positive mindset for getting over any hurdle.  Being strong mentally pushes you a long way towards any goal.  So if you have a goal in mind, we would strongly advise you to get the head in place first.

Whatever you are trying to move forward in life, you’re going to come against hurdles.  You’re going to come against barriers, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.  It is when you have mindset that will push you beyond that, that can create more success.

For Instance…
The Scottish way, we have pride in our country, we have pride in ourselves and we will stop at nothing to see success.  Although we know not everyone watching this will come from Scotland, so you have to create your own mindset.
So where are you from?  Your town, your state?  Somewhere you can be proud of!  And if you are proud if that then don’t give up!! No matter wherein the world you are from, have pride in that and stop at nothing until you get success.