Making Goals for the New Year

Making Goals for the New Year…

Making goals for the new year?  Then we have bog peas for you!  It is important when setting any goal to not only foresee it, but to believe in it.  Then you can achieve it.  Persistence is the key.  Truly believing in a goal is the best way to eliminate doubt and the sure fire way to get what you want.

So its the perfect time of the year for goal setting.  Foresee it, Believe it, Achieve it! We’re not usually advocates of the whole New Year, New Me.  Statistically, it will be shown that those who set New Years resolutions will more than likely fail.

Similar to the whole concept of creating last supper syndrome to start with.  The mindset of having a fresh start,  I’ve got to start on a Monday!  The minute they then fail, they feel that the whole year is already ruined!  So…we dint beige in it!!

It is because of this element of perfection.  Having the mindset of ‘I’ll start on Monday’ ‘I’ll make a fresh start next week’ or what ever it might be and because it is like a ‘fresh start’ as soon as you do fall off the wagon, it can then have a detrimental effect on your whole programme.  As a result, it then isn’t ‘perfect’ people think oh whats the point!  Ill start again next week!

Rabs Epiphany…

Normally we don’t promote that, however, most people fail because they don’t have us!  What we try and promote is that with the new year coming in, what things can you change for the year ahead?  Ultimately, goal setting.  Setting goals is one side of things.  Goals are important but it is how you set goals in your head and how your mind creates these goals that you are setting for yourself.

Rab came up with the epiphany of because we always believe in progression, but we don’t believe in ‘new year, new you’ we look at it as “what can you do better in the yer to come?’ Its about setting a goal, so first of all you have got to be able to foresee it.  We are working very hard on something at the moment and we have had a vision for a very long time, which we for sore where it is going with the business and how many people we can help. Remembering to balance work life with family life.  We both agree have this vision that we are working towards.  Th bigger the vision, the longer it takes.  Whether you believe in the universe, your subconscious or God, the bigger the vision the longer it takes to happen.

So we for sore our vision!  What the most important thing is that we believed in it!  There is one thing seeing things and you could sometimes say ‘I have a dream’, but if you don’t believe in it, its not going to work!