Lower Body Callanetics

Lower Body Callanetics

As part of their get fit for beginners series, the coaches answered a request for lower body Callanetics routine.  Callanetics is basically a routine for the muscles with lots of little movements which is great for sculpting on toning.

We are all about the mind muscle connection and this is a perfect way of achieving that therefore you being very aware of your muscles which means you can squeeze them harder and making your muscles burn.

In this episode you are going to see several various different exercises that you can do for the lower body Callanetics.  If you are more advanced, you can make them more advanced if you so wish but ultimately this is an exercise routine for beginners.

First exercise you are going to squeeze the Glutes together then release and then repeat.

Second exercise is the kickback, balanced on one leg, pushing the leg backwards.  There are two ways of doing this, you can either bring the leg back down again or pulse the leg at the top.  Pulsing the leg at the top will make your glutes squeeze that little bit more.

Third exercise is going to be a pushback with a slight twist, so the leg comes out at an angle of roughly 45 degrees, turning the toes outwards and squeezing at the far away point then bringing the leg back in.  As the previous exercise, you can bring your leg all the back in or keep the leg out and just rotate the angle.

Fourth exercise is standard side leg lifts, same drill, balancing on on leg and raising the opposite leg out to the side.  You should start to feel a burn on the outside of your thigh.  You will also feel the leg you are balancing on will start to burn.  Again, yo9u can either bring the leg all way in or pulse at the top.

Nice and simple for them next exercise, this being calf raises.  Coming up as high as you can on your toes and lowering back down again.  You can pulse twice at the top before coming back down and as a more advanced move you can balance on the edge of a step.

The idea of these little exercises is to fire your muscles up and get them burning.  Put the whole routine together and finish with squats at the end.  This is not about the repetitions, its about how your muscle feel, so take your time and squeeze the thighs and squeeze your glutes at the top.

For absolute beginners aim for 20 reps of each exercise building it up to 50 reps of each long term.