Live Fast and Age Slowly!

Live Fast, Age Slowly…

You know us…we like to train hard, eat well but enjoy a wee dram now and again.  So when Rae Peacock invited us down for a massage and a facial, we jumped at the chance.  Live fast, Age slow.

We must say, we really enjoyed their anti-inflammatory creams and balms that were used in the treatment.  These were really fantastic beauty treatments and would highly recommend them.

Well…today is my birthday!  So today we are going to go down to Rae Peacocks in the centre of Perth for a massage.  In fact he has offered us a facial at the same time!  We will have a kilted workout first so we will be nice and tired, then head for a good massage and get our faces cleansed!

After our workout, we suitable fired up and warmed up!  Time to go for our massage!!  We are now approaching Rae’s, he has told us we are getting two different types of facial and two different types of massage.  One being a hands free massage by using the elbows.  The other being a deep tissue massage.