Listening To Your Inner Voice

Listening To Your Inner Voice

On the outside you may have the confidence and ideas of things you want to do, however everyone has that voice inside their heads, everybody has it!

Once you understand what your voice is actually saying to you, ask yourself, if that voice was a real person, would you want to hang with that person?

Would you invite them back if all they did was put you down, talk you out of your dreams or just generally be un-supporting of your goals?

This episode is all about recognising when that inner voice of yours is being negative and telling them where to go. Putting that voice to rest and focussing on what is really important to you. Negative self talk can be very self-destructive so it is important to identify it immediately and over come it.

So, if your inner voice is being negative or putting you down, then talk back to it and tell it where to go!

Be mindful of your thoughts and negative self-talk.

This lesson can be very powerful when you apply it to your life.


You can watch the full episode here