Lifting heavy stuff, another strongman episode

The kilted coaches once again tackle some heavy strongman weights and see what they are made of. Lifting heavy stuff is, quite simply, challenging your muscles to shift the heaviest weight your body can possibly manage. For the typical strong man (which the coaches are not) this is a regular occurrence and can shift sometimes up to four times their own bodyweight in certain movements.

An aim for today is to try the atlas stones. Large stone balls in varying weights and sizes. There is a particular skill to lifting this type of stone. Due to its spherical shape, the stone can be difficult to grip and manoeuvre and its only with experience using the correct technique can one hope to shift the weight from the ground up to the platform at roughly shoulder height.

Plenty of fluids are needed for today as the energy expelled will be vast and there will be plenty of sweating going on.

A post workout protein shake is a must for recovery along with some simple sugars.  The last thing on the list is some pre-workout energy.

Some stuff is brutal and should not be tried at home.  Stephen and Rab have been lifting weights since they were teenagers so know the limits of their muscles and joints.