Life Is Like Google – You’ll Find What You Are Looking For.

Life Is Like Google…

Life is like Google. Your brain and mind are very clever but sometimes to your own detriment. What ever you focus on will come into your reality but unfortunately that can often be the very things that are bringing us down. This is why Life is very much like Google. What ever you are focussed on you will find. What are you focussing on?

You will find what ever it is you are looking for!  Life is pretty much like google.  You will find whatever it is you are searching for and will become preset in your life!  If you’re inadvertently searching for the wrong thing, you are going to find the wrong thing.

Whether you know it or not, some people literally are searching for unhappiness, misery, problems, anything that will make them feel better about a current situation by being negative!  This sounds counter intuitive but thats what happens in everyday life.


In our country we have a programme called Jeremy Kyle, which is comparative to Jerry Springer in the USA.  Now, I have a friend who recently went through a divorce, which was really tough.  His ex wife would do anything to make things difficult.  He then said to me once, ‘I’m going to watch Jeremy Kyle’ I then asked him why are you watching that!!?  His reply was ‘because it makes my life feel normal’!!

So, seeing all the negative nonsense on that show made him feel normal, again he was looking for negativity!  That them often becomes the norm.  It is said that the more time you spend around overweight people, for example, being overweight becomes the norm, because you are seeing it all the time that becomes what you are.

Just be very conscious of what you are bringing into your life, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions and then the physical aspect as well.  Shat are you looking for??

To Conclude…

So our message today is to encourage you to search for the best things for you!  By simply switching your thought processes, the way you think about problems and automatically start thinking about solutions and progression, rather than the things holding you back.

For instance, we may look to say I want to be in better shape BUT and then you list off all the negative excuses that are holding you back.  So when we say life is very much like google, if you type into the search engine, then it will tell you 101 different reasons for that.  You can literally find anything on the internet and the brain is very similar but much bigger and more vast.  So whatever thought processes you are going through, the reasons you are not losing weight, the reasons you have no money, the reasons you are unhappy, stop thinking about the problems and start thinking about the way you want to be.