Lets Take a Look at What the Coaches Have Been up to This Week!

Lets Take a Look at What the Coaches Have Been up to This Week…

For this weeks Mindset Monday the coaches gave us their insight in to a problem most of us probably encounter in our lives…Giving an Inch and taking a mile!

Give an inch and they’ll take a mile! We have all perhaps experienced a situation in life where you helped a friend or family member or perhaps went out of your way for a colleague who then began to expect this from you with no return or thanks. It can be frustrating and time consuming, learning you feeling powerless or disrespected. It happens… But we are here to tell you to put a stop to it! Be mindful of who you give you inches to! lol


Next up…

For Wednesdays video the Coaches brought you a very simple but very effective workout.

Workout with nature. No need for a gym or fancy equipment. Get back to basics and use what mother nature provided us with.



To wrap up this week the Coaches added some more behind the fences footage to their pateon page!  A little look in to next weeks Mindset Monday and the mischief they got up to whilst finding the ‘equipment’ for their workout!

if you would like to see the behind the senses footage for yourself then head over to www.patreon.com/thekiltedcoaches