Let Them Grow – Prioritise Your Recovery

Let Them Grow – Prioritise Your Recovery

Are you over training?  Always remember that training does not make you fit!  The recovery makes you fit!  Be sure that you are taking the tine to recover from your training, focussing on your nutrition and sleep.  If you want bigger, stronger muscles you have to ‘let them grow’

The message today is all about rest!  To let it grow.  Too many people focus so much on training, with guys and girls across the board will believe that training is making you fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier…it is not!!

The whole point of training is that you are actually stressing your body.  You’re making yourself weaker, you’re making yourself less fit, more fatigued and more stressed.  You’re exhausting the body.  Now training only counts for 30% of your progress, it all comes down to your recovery.  The whole point of training is that you have something to recover from.  When you are sleeping and resting your body is going through processes that repair damaged cells to get you more tuned to your environment.

So when we train, we are creating a new environment by stressing your body so it has something to recover from.  If you do nothing all day then your body will recover fairly quickly because it doesn’t really have anything to repair.  You want to really stress your body so its like ‘right, its time to out this recovery in place and make you stronger, fitter, faster.’

So how do you recover?  Simply comes down to two factors.  One being your nutrition, you need to feed those muscles.  The second being you need to rest!  For the first one – nutrition!  Imagine that your muscles are like a house, its made of straw.  The wind comes along and stress the house, bits of straw are flying all over the place.  Then you get a team of builders in that will restructure it to make used to that wind.  Your nutrition is the materials, you cannot expect the builders to build a stronger house without the right materials.  Therefore you need to get your protein in, your healthy fats in.  You need to replenish your carbohydrates if you have used too much of them.

Those very builders, if they come in to fix your house but they don’t have their tea break, they are going to be over worked and will not do a proper job.  They will miss bits, they will not attach things properly.  It will not come together. So your rest, your sleep and your inactivity is really important to let this builders to get their tea break so everything builds back stronger.