Learn To Get Back Up Again

Learn To Get Back Up Again…

Inspiration was taken from one of the Batman films when the question is asked….. “Why do we fall Bruce? To learn to pick ourselves back up again. No fall is ever failure or final. It’s a chance to learn.

Currently at Little Glen She finding the ideal place to bring you this mindset lesson.

We bring you todays lesson after watching Batman The Dark Knight.  There is. line in it saying ‘why do we fall Bruce?’…So we learnt pick ourselves back up!!  Ultimately it comes back down to the very simple thing of is a fall failure or is it another way for you to make a progression.

Learning to pick yourself back up, depending on how big the fall is, is vital in life.  Otherwise, the minute you fell you would be down permanently!  When you come back from something, say its financial difficulties, you might of been absolutely rock bottom!  The lessons learnt from coming back from something like that are unreal.  You will say to yourself I am never going to get myself in that position again, or even if I do I won’t panic because im not going to be there forever.

Recently, we posted an old picture of the two of us from when we were in our early 20’s.  A couple of the comments that came back were ‘you guys have always been in shape.  ‘I really want to see someone that has been really over weight and now is in shape.’ There are plenty of people out there that are like that.  Ultimately it is the same lesson, these people who have experienced being down about their body, feeling negative about what they see when they look in the mirror. These then often can then go on to create amazing things through their body.

Our Lesson…

We have been lucky enough in life to always be into sport, exercise, eating well but our life lessons will be completely different to yours.  Always look for inspiration from your falls, and try and take something from that for you to learn from.  Just know that deep down, just because you fall, you’re not going to be down there forever, you are going to get back up!  It is just a matter of time!

The more confidence and faith in yourself that you are going to get back up Willa actually speed up the process.    As soon as you come across hardship always just think that this is an opportunity for me, no matter what it is.  Everyone will experience something different in life and the severity of the problem will change from person to person.  However, it always an opportunity for you to grow!

The harder the problem, the bigger the fall, the more you are going to grow form it!