Who are the Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches have a wealth of knowledge on all things health and fitness. With over a decade of experience in personal training and coaching Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields noticed that the individuals who were more relaxed and enjoyed their life seemed to get better results and more importantly were able to maintain them. Combining their knowledge and each bringing something else to the partnership the Kilted Coaches were born.

The message is simple. Keep an active lifestyle, exercise smarter (not necessarily harder), eat wholesome natural food and you can still enjoy the small luxuries in life. The Kilted Coaches know what it takes to get fit and to coach you through a lifestyle that ensures life-long adherence.

This video is an introduction to the Kilted Coaches. Yes, it was scripted but we wanted to be clear about our message while still having some fun. We hope you enjoy it.

The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches intro video

Who are the Kilted Coaches?
Hi I’m Stephen
and I’m Rab
We’ve got over twenty years combined experience
Helping people just like you get fitter and get healthier
We’re going to take you by the hand
Show you empathy every step of the way
Towards your ultimate goal
*laughs* to hell with that
We’re going to do something different
We’re going to cut out the nonsense
Keep it simple
and tell you like it is
But what’s more we’re going to give you the inspiration
The education
The motivation
To achieve true health and happiness
So is out information any good?
It’s ******* fantastic
and just for the crack we’re going to do it in our kilts
Let’s suit up
wait, wait, wait, wait
Ah, that’s better
We’re going to give you the most effective forms of exercise
and the most up-to-date nutrition principles
It’s not just about diet and exercise
It’s about how they fit together
We believe exercise should be fun x 3
But also challenging and progressive
So stop wasting your time with diet plans that are just too restrictive
or training regimes that are just too damn complicated
Subscribe now
And work towards real health and happiness


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