Kilt Strength – revamped!

Kilt Strength…

Wearing a kilt gives you certain powers beyond mortal comprehension and kilt strength is but one of the many talents you will receive upon putting on a kilt.


Coach Rab has his Canadian cousin over and will be giving him a little sample of Scotland.  Starting off showing him the kilt, showing him a few sights of Scotland explaining the history and the heritage but mainly all about the kilt and why we wear the kilt!  Apart from dress and formal wear, its basically for training!  People ask us why do we wear the kilt for training?  It ultimately comes down to kilt strength which many people don’t believe in!  Why else would we wear a kilt?  It gives you extra strength and the way the weave works and the passion of Scotland that is driven into each kilt when its made…your strength will go off the scale!

Years of history and passion are stored within each kilt and thats where the strength comes from!  Lets head to the gym to convince people of this theory!!

So after a session in the gym wearing a kilt…we have proven the power of the kilt!!!